Notification and camera-ready copies of paper dates are changed!

Notification of paper acceptance: April 15, 2020  May 1, 2020 
Camera-ready copies of papers: May 15, 2020  May 25, 2020 

2 thoughts on “Notification and camera-ready copies of paper dates are changed!”

  1. Dear organizing committee,
    I send a poster proposal. Given the COVID-19 pandemic situation I would like to ask information about the actual realization of the conference. Several conferences planned for June and July are already canceled.
    It may be useful to put an announcement in the news to give potential participants the opportunity to organize themselves.
    Thank you for let us know
    Kind regards
    Chiara Meneghetti

    1. We are carefully monitoring the situation and will decide regarding potential postponing (or other solutions) within the next two weeks. Of course, all accepted papers and posters will still be accepted in the postponed event (if we will decide to postpone).

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